Awaken Business Sustainability
Rubbish to Rice initiative in action

By gaining innovative sustainability partners across the globe, we are working with communities that historically dump waste in the ocean to swap 1 bag of rubbish for 1 bag of rice. The rubbish, is then transformed into soil, which is used to power electricity and grow trees and plants. This motivates local communities to hand in their rubbish and to turn it into something constructive rather than using it to unknowingly damage the ocean.

We are holding our Enviro Cycle Challenge virtually throughout September and October 2020 to launch the Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation and to implement our Rubbish to Rice initiative. The first region we will launch the initiative in is Asia as five Asian countires alone dump more plastic into oceans than anyone else combined. We are completely committed to stopping this with better solutions for a better world.

We must save our oceans before it’s too late:

1. To breathe: oceans are responsible for 70% of the oxygen on our planet

2. To regulate: oceans absorb rainwater, CO2 and heat from the sun, acting as a  natural form of climate control

3. To inhabit: the ocean transfers warm water from the equator to the poles and cold water from the poles to the tropics; without this, many places would be inhabitable due to extreme weather conditions

4. To work: by 2030, ocean based industries will employ more than 40 million people

5. To eat: the ocean is the number one source of protein for more than 1 billion people