Make a difference

The Global Enviro Cycle Challenge is organised by Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation as part of a Rubbish to Rice initiative to save our oceans. Rubbish to Rice is about bringing together global organisations to better manage the world’s waste so we can create a better world. A world with clean oceans, less pollution and protection of vulnerable wildlife. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the threat to our ecosystems and communities by counteracting the climate crisis.

All funds raised from the challenge will go to The Ocean Cleanup and Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation.

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic enter the oceans. The Ocean Cleanup is implementing the largest cleanup in history to rid the ocean of current waste and to prevent future waste at the source.

If no action is taken, the plastic will increasingly impact our ecosystems, health and economies. The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, with the objective of cleaning up 90% of ocean plastic pollution. The Ocean Cleanup works on a combination of closing the source and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean.

Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation is working on worldwide sustainability initiatives to educate communities, develop sustainability strategies and to invest in sustainable solutions to bring vital climate changes for a better future.

The Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation is a new foundation that is acting quickly with partners across the globe to clean up our oceans and counteract the impact of the climate crisis.

In many communities around the world, people are unaware of the damage caused from throwing rubbish into our oceans. At Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation, we are launching a Rubbish to Rice initiative to educate people, businesses and communities so that collectively, we all understand the importance of keeping our oceans clean. We then take action through offering local communities’ incentives to ensure that the education results in a change in behaviour.

Let’s all work together to change behaviour, clean our oceans and save our planet.

We can all do something every day to help our planet and our oceans. Every little helps and if you would like to hear more about our mission please contact us. If you believe in stopping waste and putting an end to ocean pollution, please make a donation to the Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation.