Sponsor the Charity Enviro
Cycle Challenge

The Global Pandemic has brought about a huge shift in how we think and live. One of these key lifestyle changes will be travel and transport with an increased adoption of cycling. The UK government are investing £250 million in cycling lanes across the country which will result in an increased offering of cycle to work schemes.

We’ve all seen our air and oceans become less polluted due to our actions during lockdown. Our charity bike ride has two goals, 1) to encourage more people to cycle for better health and less pollution 2) to raise funds for Awaken Business Sustainability Foundation and The Ocean Cleanup so that we can save our oceans now.

We would be delighted if you would consider sponsoring our charity bike ride to directly help our efforts and to share your support for global sustainability action and initiatives. 

Awaken Business Sustainability exists to educate corporations on the benefits of sustainability in their long-term bottom line. We are holding the bike ride as a response to Covid-19 and as a launch for our foundation which focuses on a broader environmental goal of cleaning our oceans.